May. 29th, 2009

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The evenings are edging into the 'pleasantly cool' range, as the year progresses. One can stretch out on a tree branch and watch the pink clouds above the mountain shift from pink to purple to grey, as the night rolls in. It is a singularly beautiful sight, one that is quite useful when a patron has a lot of thoughts to sort through.

So this evening there is a Bright Shiner stretched out along a tree-branch, near the lakeshore, watching the far clouds slowly drain of color. Still, though the sunset was a a brilliant one, and the colors left behind were quite beautiful, his thoughts are elsewhere. And they are troubled.
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Yrael comes down the outside bypass stairs, not wanting to have to take the time to pass through the bar. In there, he might be stopped or questioned before getting to retreat to the relative quiet of the forest at night.

He strides out into the trees, his bare feet silent in the grass and moist soil, on rock and tree root.

He wants... he doesn't know what he wants.


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Yrael, the Eighth Bright Shiner

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