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Voices can be heard as the office door shuts.

"...rise to see you! How've you been? We've really appreciated your continued patronage, Felix, since your performance. Our averages have risen so much that we may have to expand soon." There's a laugh and the sound of two people taking seats. One of the chairs squeaks of leather, muffled slightly due to being behind a desk.

"I'm glad to hear I've helped. I've been bringing friends whenever I visit, and they've all agreed that it's a great place," replies the other, easily. "Which is actually why I asked to see you, today, really. I've a friend whose birthday is... well, today, and I was hoping to book the club for a party."

"That'd be grand, Felix; we'd love to host a party for you and your friends... but... when would this be?"

"Tonight, if at all possible." The tone of voice totally expects it to be possible.

"On such short notice..." the hesitant voice is accompanied by the sound of a mouse clicking. "We're booked all this week, I'm afraid..."

"How much are they paying for tonight?" The second voice is unconcerned.

The computer monitor squeaks as it's turned.

"I'll triple that if you'll call them and say there was a mix-up, that tonight was already booked, but that you'd be happy to work them in later."

"B-but they're long-time patrons- we have a relationship with their people and a reputation to uphold-"

"In addition to paying three-times the fees, which would go a long way to helping along that planned expansion, wouldn't it, I would make it so that all of my performances in the next six months would be exclusively held in your establishment. All we'd need tonight by way of staff would be bartenders and someone to take care of the music."

There is a long silence.

Followed by the sound of a phone being dialed. Pity that smiles are not audible.


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