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The door from Milliways connects to the entrance to a large dance club, lit in varying shades of greens, blues, reds and oranges. The ceiling is high and black, decorated with hanging swaths of vividly-colored fabric. A black bar with a line of matching barstools lines one wall, lit from above by candles, from below by colored lights hidden under the rim of the bar itself. It is certainly well-stocked with many types of alcohol, and with actual bartenders to dispense it.

Down a short, central stairway the room opens up into the main dance floor, the walls and floor lit from within by ever-shifting colors, as well as light streaming down from the lights near the high ceiling, co-ordinated to match the current colors of the floor and walls. To the right of the entrance are various sitting areas of couches and comfortable chairs, all lit by a combination of candle-light and the light from the colored wall-panels.

The night is young, the music is playing, and the party's just getting started.

(ooc: Party post! Mingle, thread-hop, have a good time! This post is open for as long as people want it to be, i.e. forever. ^__^!)

(ooc2: Azy says that if Axel abruptly disappears, it's because she's on satellite internet and there's a storm going on where she is. The interference might cut out her internet connection.)
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