Happy Hour

Sep. 18th, 2008 03:00 pm
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Yrael takes his place behind the bar with a grin, today, taking down the specials board.

"Evening, everyone!" he greets. "It turns out that Teddy Altman is trying to rebuild his collection of recipes, so he needs to experiment to fill in the blanks left in what he can recall from memory. So, as part of this Happy Hour, you've all been volunteered as test subjects. Enjoy the good food to help out a fellow patron, and your drink is half-off."

When he replaces the board, it reads:

White-Hot Happy Hour Specials!

Soup: Spicy White Chili with Chicken

Entree: Pan-Fried Rockfish
(sith mashed cauliflower, and a side of sauteed onions with shrimp and jalapenos)

Dessert: Bombe Alaska served en flambé


'Camelot Highlands' Chardonnay
Fire in the Sky
White Dove
Hot Vanilla (non-alcoholic)

"Step up, everyone," he leans on the bar. "What'll it be?"
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(From here.)

The door he gallantly opened for her opened out into gently lapping waters, lit from overhead by a multitude of stars uncountable. So many together, they give off a glow stronger than the light of the full moon, singing softly of promised rest for those below. The insubstantial spirits of the dead rise from the waters, some quickly, eager for their eternal rest, and some slowly, fighting the pull even as they rise, foot by foot.

The two of them step down slightly into the water that only rises to their ankles, and Yrael closes the door behind them.

"As you can see," Yrael smiles. "I have been practicing even when not at the Milliways lake."

Despite the fact that the waters of Death aren't exactly the same as other water.


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