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Name:Yrael, the Eighth Bright Shiner
Birthdate:Aug 8
Yrael is the Eighth of the Nine Bright Shiners, those who are the most powerful of all the Free Magic creatures. They have existed since before time was measured, when no Life roamed the worlds, and there was no magic but the chaotic Free Magic. The Bright Shiners are the highest of the high, whose abilities and powers of thought, reason and emotion are beyond those of other, lesser Free Magic creatures.

Long ago, the eldest Seven of the Bright Shiners brought the Charter into being, a benevolent kind of magic with order and structure, woven whole cloth out of the chaotic power of the Free Magic. The Charter allowed Life to begin and flourish on the worlds, but it was a power stolen from other Free Magic creatures, sacrificed in the making. The Ninth Bright Shiner, feeling the Charter was a tainted magic built on the stripped power of their own kind, fought the Seven, seeking to destroy their creation, the Charter and the Life it allowed to grow.

Having put much of themselves into their creation, the Seven knew that the destruction of the Charter would mean their own destruction, so they sought the aid of the Eighth Bright Shiner in defeating the Ninth. At the same time, the Ninth was seeking Yrael's aid in defeating the elder Seven, to avenge the sacrifice and manipulation of their own kind. Yrael knew, however, that both sides would have little qualm about stripping him of his power and taking it for their own purposes, and that to help the Seven was to help destroy his younger sibling: to help the Ninth was to help destroy his elder siblings. Yrael chose to help neither side, resolving to stay out of the conflict, but was caught through trickery by the Seven, and bound as a servant of the Charter against his will.

Six of the seven worlds were destroyed by the Ninth Bright Shiner before the Seven were able to defeat him and imprison him as well. Yrael was collared and bound into the shape of a small white cat, and set in his imprisonment to serve the bloodline of the Abhorsen, those chosen to uphold the Charter and keep the Dead from walking in Life, for the rest of time.

Thousands of years passed.

When the Destroyer, the Ninth Bright Shiner was freed from his imprisonment, Yrael, by then known only by the name "Mogget" due to the shape he had worn for so long, chose to aid in his defeat, saving the Charter from destruction. He had, in his time bound as a servant to the Charter and to the Abhorsens, begrudgingly learned to love Life, and would not stand idly by to see it destroyed. For this, Yrael was granted his freedom. Given what he wanted most, he left the world of his imprisonment and went to the home he had found elsewhere. At the end of the universe.

Physical Characteristics:
Catshape: He is small for a full-grown cat, with stark white fur that carries no pigment or discoloration in it. His almond-shaped eyes are piercingly bright green, almost impossibly bright, split down the middle by a pitch-black vertical pupil. As a cat, Yrael appears as an incredibly white cat with almond-shaped, bright green eyes. He wears no collar on his neck, but long-healed scar tissue under the thick fur of his neck shows where one was worn too tight for too long.

Humanshape: Ususally, he appears as a young man, medium-tallish and thin, anywhere from nineteen to twenty-five in age. His coloration never changes; his skin is the color of bleached bone, and his medium-short hair is as stark a white as the clothing he wears. Usually, he'll be seen in a dress-shirt with the top button undone (he can't stand anything tight on his neck), with white dress-pants, but lacking in belt or shoes. Getting him to wear shoes should be seen as an accomplishment worthy of note. As a girl, Yrael looks much the same, only with a woman's figure and longer hair. Yrael's eyes, in any shape, are forever stuck in the almond-shaped, bright green eyes of a cat.

True Form: When Yrael reverts to his true form, that of the Bright Shiner, he appears as a marginally humanoid pillar of blindingly white flames. The flames are not really fire, but are simply the shape that the chaotic Free Magic takes. From the torso up, he is humanoid but emaciatedly thin, with over-long arms and sharp fingers. His face consists of two black pits for eyes and a jagged tear-like mouth. The torso balances upon a column of whirling white Free Magic flames. This form, however, is brighter than the sun, and hot enough to cause instant burns on any who touch it. It would be like having an eight-foot tall star standing in front of you.

Notes: Free Magic by nature is inimical to Life and nearly all ordered magics, corrupting them if they stay in its presence too long. Most spells, except those specifically designed to combat chaos and Free Magic, go straight through him. The smell of Free Magic is disgusting, an acrid, nauseating combination of ozone, hot wiring and burning things. Nothing living has a smell like that.

To those who would be able to hear such things, Yrael has no heartbeat, nor is he breathing. He's just very, very warm. To those who would be able to smell such things, Yrael smells mostly of cat, followed by a faint scent of Free Magic. Most who may try to read his mind would very likely get only static, like having the radio on the wrong station.

Yrael's great passion is music. Like all the Bright Shiners, Yrael's voice is where the bulk of his power lies. As other Bright Shiners' voices manipulate or command specific facets of Life, so does Yrael's. Where Ranna can put her voice's listeners to sleep or rest, Mosrael can wake or alert, Kibeth can move them or keep them still, Dyrim can force them to speak or stay silent, Belgaer can return independent thought or erase it, Saraneth can bind to her will and command, and Astarael can cast all her hearers into Death, Yrael's voice controls emotion. To hear him sing of an emotion is to feel it, to some degree. To a greater degree especially when he means for his listeners to feel it.

This is a journal for role-playing in [info]milliways_bar. Mogget is a character of Garth Nix' Abhorsen Trilogy. No profit is being made from this. It's only for fun.

In the facade of real-life I am [info]saphyria.

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being petted, being smug, emotions, enjoying himself, fish, fresh fish, friends, giving blank stares, giving dubious advice, good drink, good food, good times, libraries, making music, making trouble, manipulating emotions via music, manipulation, more fish, pointing out others' mistakes, saucers of milk, singing, smirking, snarking, songbirds, sunning himself, warm sunlight

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